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God's Word encourages us to bring all our cares to God because he cares for us. That is why we encourage everyone to pray persistently. Our elders, staff, and prayer ministers also care for you and are ready to pray for you.

Share your prayer request through the submission button below, and partner in prayer with others as you read and pray for their requests below. If you would like to remain anonymous, please enter "Anonymous" as your First Name. If you prefer your request not be displayed publicly on the web page, please un-check "yes" to allow publication on the submission form.

April 30


My dad is giving up— He wants to Die

April 30


My mom was hospitalized at the end of February for a week and a half. She received a bill for $500 that we don't have the money to pay. Please pray for divine provision for this and other financial needs.

April 30


My family just learned that my brother will be deployed to Ukraine in the coming months and with there for 9 months. Please pray for his protection and my family’s peace of mind.

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April 30


Please pray for MBA. She's another of 6, with stage 4 aggressive breast cancer. Her journey has seen many hospital stays and health issues that keep her returning to the hospital, including a reaction to chemo.

April 29


Please pray for the Lord to give me Wisdom, Peace and Favor in the situation I have with someone at work who's tried to manipulate and discredit me. Please pray that the Lord will hedge me from this person and provide a pathway forward for me.

April 28


Please pray for me and my daughter J. We both lost our sons. My son R 34 took his life and 6 mo later my daughter's son A was murdered. Please help us find some peace and love of God again. Thank you

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April 28


I retired at age 70 but had to go back to work. The only car I had broke down. I need a car to get to and from work. God Bless You!

April 28


Please pray for our finances. We need lots of wisdom and supernatural provision. Please, I don't know how we are going to make it.

April 28


Please pray for me and my family. We are trying to make a life changing move. God willing we make the right move. I want to do what is pleasing to the Lord. In Jesus name.